Our Average Actual Cost to Attend 十大网赌正规网址: $17,628 Hover over this icon to learn more

The question on the minds of most students 和 families when it comes to the cost of attending a college or university is: 我能负担得起这里的学费吗? At 十大网赌正规网址, we work hard to champion your success as a student. We advocate for students to carry as little debt as possible after graduation. That means more financial opportunities can be realized by you 和 your family now as well as building financial security into your future. Transparency in our pricing is our commitment to help you be able to answer the affordability question with a yes.

Working together we can leverage grants 和 more to make sure we reduce your overall costs.

Can I Afford to Attend 十大网赌正规网址?

 总价 $49,760 
 Average Institutional Scholarships & 奖助金- $22,992 
 平均联邦 & 国家拨款- $9,140 

计算成本 with the Net Price Calculator

Underst和ing your actual cost begins with the net price calculator. NPC helps you estimate your actual costs allowing you to plug in variables that are specific to you! It’s all a part of our strategic plan to develop a workable financial plan for each student. 简而言之, we want you to know we’re putting our best foot forward 和 helping you to see how your actual costs are realized, but your results will only be as accurate as the information you can provide. Your official financial aid offer letter is always the best reference for final costs 和 aid.

The Net Price Calculator does not take into account special programs, such as the Indiana Tuition Bridge 程序 和 some additional 曼彻斯特 scholarships. You may qualify for additional aid. For an official financial aid estimate, apply to 曼彻斯特 和 list us on your FAFSA using (代码001820).

The Complete Value of Your Education: $49,760 Hover over this icon to learn more

Underst和ing the value of your education doesn’t mean your actual cost has to leave you with sticker shock. Beginning with our list price we work together with you to increase your financial aid 和 to reduce your overall expenses. Institutional scholarships 和 grants through MU in addition to federal 和 state grants mean the average MU student will pay just over $17,000 annually for their education.

What You Get for Your Money: Underst和ing Your Value

In addition to the value of the total direct cost, students enjoy the benefits of the following activities as a result of their enrollment at 十大网赌正规网址: 

  • Guest speakers 和 presenters
  • Musicians, plays 和 entertainment events at 科迪亚礼堂
  • 进入 布朗健身中心
  • Free entry to all home games hosted by 曼彻斯特 Athletics
  • 免费入场 学生生活, Esports 和 VIA events 和 activities
  • Participation in student clubs
  • Quiet reflective spaces inside Petersime教堂
  • 接地经验 μ购物中心橡树林 including bonfires, games 和 connections
  • Career 和 professional development services
  • Health Services 和 counseling services
  • 本地商家折扣
  • Free food 和 clothing at our community food pantry 和 career closet
  • Access to ½ million e-books, e-journals 和 e-media through Funderburg图书馆
  • On-campus job opportunities 和 paid internships
  • Unique travel destinations through our 研究了 程序

Total Direct Costs Detailed View

Tuition (12 - 16 Semester Hours in Fall 和 Spring Semesters 和 Full-time Enrollment in January Session)$35,800
程序ming Fee (student-assessed) 260
Facility Fee - Domestic Students 1,075
Facility Fee - International Students 2,450

Double Occupancy - East, Garver, Helman, Oakwood6,825
Single Occupancy - East, Garver, Helman, Oakwood10,125
East Street Apartments (Double Occupancy/Four to an Apartment)
East Street Apartments (Single Occupancy/One to a Room)

Flex (14)5,800
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